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Purchase Order Delivery Dates


Parameter settings are core settings that control the fundamental operations within a module. Some parameters are configured on deployment of an environment, others require manual configuration dependent upon business requirements and others exist with no requirement to be anything other than blank.

Purchase Order Delivery Dates

A businesses operational hours are independent and unique to a specific organisation. This means that when purchase orders can be raised and receives differs per organisation’s working time calendar. A working time calendar defines which days of the week a business is operational and between which hours.

Delivery dates for purchase orders are often calculated by considering the supplier lead time plus any days where your business is not working.

Example: A businesses working time is defined as Monday to Friday, 6am to 6pm. Saturday’s and Sunday’s are closed. A business places a purchase order on Monday 1st September. The suppliers lead time is 10 days. The business calculates purchase order delivery dates based on supplier lead times and internal working days. Therefore the delivery date would be September 8th plus 10 without counting weekends.

Alternatively a business may adopt a unique formula to calculate delivery dates.