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Printing Item Prices on External Documentation


Parameter settings are core settings that control the fundamental operations within a module. Some parameters are configured on deployment of an environment, others require manual configuration dependent upon business requirements and others exist with no requirement to be anything other than blank.

Printing Item Prices on External Documentation

A business can define their preference in whether to print item prices on external documentation or not. External documentation relates to items such as the purchase order confirmation that is shared with a supplier. Review the two options below and determine your preference. Once a preference is made, it will be applied to all purchase order confirmations generated.

Option One

The document will show only Line #, Item #, Description, Delivery, Quantity, Units.

Purchase Order Confirmation without Item price

Option Two

The document will show the additional information that includes standard fields AND unit price, discount amount, discount %, amount, currency, sales subtotal, total discount, charges, VAT, round-off and Total.

Purchase Order document with additional details