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Procurement Level 1: Purchasing Policies


A purchasing policy is a collection of rules that control an element within the purchasing process. Rules are defined with a start and end date. Purchasing policies help procurement teams to implement their procurement strategy by creating a policy structure that is aligned with the organization’s strategic purchasing requirements. Use purchasing policies to set up rules for ordering products or services. The rules are defined for a specific purchasing policy which will be named as default by GYDE365. Once created, the impact of the rules will be noticeable within the system.

Procurement Level 1: Purchase order re-approval rules can be configured.

Procurement Level 2: Purchase order re-approval rules can be configured and purchase order consolidation rules can be configured.

Procurement Level 3: All purchase order rules cab be configured.


Purchasing policies enforce a level of control within the purchasing process. There are many types of procurement policies that can be built in line with business requirements.

Purchase Order Re-Approval Rule


The re-approval rule is an optional rule that defines the criteria for requiring re-approval when a confirmed purchase order is changed. The selected purchase order fields are evaluated when the “Requires purchase order re-approval” condition is set up in the workflow.


The purpose of the re-approval rule is to control any changes made to purchase orders after they have been approved.


A purchase order is inputted by a procurement administrator and proceeds through each stage of the approval process. A week later, another user makes a change to the order units on the purchase order line. Business X configured a purchasing policy that defined any change to the purchase order line, after purchase order approval, will require re-submission to the approval workflow. Therefore, the purchase order had to be re-submitted and re-approved in line with workflow requirements.

APQC Framework

Please find below the relevant PCF ID’s.

Level 1 Category: 10216

Level 2 Process Group: 10279

Level 3 Process: 10292, 10295