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Budget Control – Account Structure and Dimensions


The foundation of Budget Control setup is based on the specification of the GL Account Structure and Financial Dimensions that are to be used when sourcing budget and cost values for all specified expenditure types.

When considering your budget control requirements, it is essential to have clarity about the expenditure types and financial dimensions that the organisation wants to apply spend control on. For example, if the business wants to apply spend control on training costs by department, then budget control setup needs to include the GL main account(s) for training costs and the department financial dimension in its scope.

Budget Control setup is very particular about GL Chart of Accounts setup requirements. Bullet pointed below are the key points to note when specifying where Budget Control can some budget and actual values from in terms of GL main accounts and financial dimensions.

  • GL Account Structure – only one GL Account Structure can be assigned to setup. This means that all GL main accounts to be referenced for budget control checking purposes must be covered by that one structure.
  • GL Advanced Rule Structures – Budget Control can not currently source any financial dimension based balances, where the financial dimension is activated as part of an ‘advanced rule structure’ that is assigned to the specified GL account structure. As a result any and all financial dimensions required for inclusion when sourcing available budget fund values must be included within the primary setup of the specified GL account structure.
  • Budget Control Dimensions – the financial dimensions that are available for selection for budget control purposes are those available in both the specified budget control GL account structure (excluding those specified in any associated advanced rule structures) and the those specified in the Basic Budgeting, Dimensions for Budgeting setup.

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