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Budget Control – Budget Funds Available


The formula that Budget Control applies to calculate available budget funds is subject to configuration as per the screenshot below.

  • Budget Value (Total) – the total budget value (before deductions) can be set to include / exclude original budget, budget revision and budget transfer values in both a confirmed and draft state.
  • Actual Expenditure – In addition to actual expenditure, unposted actual expenditure e.g., unposted financial journals, unposted supplier invoices etc can also optionally be deducted from available budget funds. Dynamics 365 would not differentiate between approved and unapproved transactions if this option was selected.

Public Sector

The value types below, shown as available for selection in the Budget Fund Available setup screenshot above are all Public Sector functionality specific.

  • Encumbrances / Commitments – Dynamics 365 can optionally be configured to maintain commitment / encumbrance accounting entries that are created and maintain from requisitions and purchase orders, which can then be optionally included in the calculation of available budget funds if requisitions / purchase order that haven’t been received and/ or invoiced are to be considered and included when calculating available budget funds.
  • Carry-Forward Amounts – if encumbrance / commitment accounting is enabled, Dynamics 365 can also optionally be setup to carry-forward any budget funds that have not been consumed / spent in the prior financial year.  Carry-forward amounts are then generated by the General Ledger, Purchase order year-end process.
  • Budget Apportionments – are the portion of the original budget that has been approved for spending.
Further Reading

Further information on Dynamics 365 Basic Budgeting and Budget Control is available on the Microsoft Docs and Learn Docs sites via the URLs below and should help to provide further background and context to aid survey question completion.

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Public Sector

Background and information on the Public Sector specific elements of Basic Budgeting and Budget Control are provided via the URLs below for reference purposes.

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