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Budgeting – Excel Integration


Dynamics 365 provides full integration between the Budgeting module and Excel.

For Basic Budgeting this allows budget values to be prepared outside of Dynamics 365 and uploaded directly from Excel using a templated spreadsheet using either a zero based budgeting or historical (incremental) based budgeting approach

There are two main mechanisms for basic budgeting, budget register entry uploads using Excel …

  • Excel Add In – suitable for ad-hoc changes to existing draft budget register entries and low to medium budget register entry data volume creation and upload
  • Data Management – suitable for high volume, direct budget register entry data import from a suitably formatted source excel data file.

Excel – Budget Register Entry Template Example
Document Templates

Standard Open in Excel / Excel Add In integration is underpinned by document templates setup.

Dynamics 365 is automatically pre-configured by Microsoft with a standard library of document templates, with the standard BudgetRegisterEntryTemplate shown in the screenshot in the section above.

Document templates can be modified and personalised and additional document templates created to support different use cases e.g. by legal entity, country, language etc.