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Credit Management


Credit management provides functionality to manage credit limits and control the flow of sales orders through the posting process, based on credit rules that are created.

Processes available
  • Update credit attributes for customers to provide additional information about a customer credit worthiness
  • Create credit limits for customers by using credit limit adjustments
  • Create temporary credit limits for customers by using credit limit adjustments. This allows a temporary increase/decrease of customer credit limit, based on business requirements
  • Add information that can affect the credit limit such as information about insurance and guarantees
  • Create customer credit groups that link customers together so that they share a single credit limit
  • Assign risk scores to customers, and use the scores to automatically generate credit limits for those customers through credit limit adjustments
  • Create blocking rules that provide the facility to place an order on hold during one or more posting processes, based on factors such as risk, payment terms, credit limits, overdue amounts and the percentage of the credit limit that has been used
  • Manage a list of sales orders that are on hold, review the reasons for the hols and mitigate issues
  • Release sales orders to allow them to continue through the posting process
  • Create a workflow to manage the approval of credit limit changes and sales order releases