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Financial Insights


Financial Insights within Dynamics 365, provides configurable and extensible solutions to help you intelligently predict your company’s cash flow, predict when you may receive payment for outstanding receivables, and generate a budget proposal that can help speed up your budgeting process. These features use intelligent machine learning templates to build models using data you provide (including data from a third party such as consumer report information from a bureau). These intelligent capabilities inform decision-making and help you take action to respond effectively to current and anticipated business challenges. You are responsible for any data used with, or output from, Finance insights.


Finance insights is available for deployment in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Tier 2 environment (multi-box) is required to preview Financial Insights (FI).
  • Finance insights uses AI Builder credits to create financial predictions. All the necessary licenses for this are included with the tenant license. Each Dynamics 365 Finance tenant is provided 20,000 AI Builder credits each month. If additional credits are required for business needs, they can be purchased directly from AI Builder.
  • At least one year’s worth of customer invoices is required to correctly train the machine learning model that is used for the Customer payment predictions feature. Three years of historical data are recommended for cash flow forecasts. Three years of historical budget and/or actuals are recommended for intelligent budget proposals.
  • You’ll need to create a data integrator project so that data that the machine learning model generates can flow into Dynamics 365 Finance.

There are several steps required to configure Financial Insights;

  • Configure your Azure AD tenant
  • Configure dataverse
  • Configure FI add-in
Customer payment predictions

The Customer payment predictions feature requires more than 100 transactions in the previous six to nine months. The transactions can include free text invoices, sales orders, and customer payments. This data must be spread across the On-timeLate, and Very late settings.

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