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Invoice Validation – Duplications


Verifying transactional data is key to ensuring the accuracy, completeness and quality of the financial data held in your system. Supporting business requirements are normally determined by the Audit, Control and Compliance policies that your organisation works to, whether they have been formalised and documented or not.

One of the most common transaction data verification requirements when entering and processing supplier invoice transactions is for the system to ensure that the same supplier invoice can not be entered and posted more than once.

Dynamics 365 Finance supports this requirement through Duplicate Invoice Number checking, based on the setting of the parameter shown in the screenshot below.

Manual Invoice Entry

Duplicate invoice number checking is applied promptly when manually entering supplier invoice transaction details.

The screenshot below shows the supplier invoice entry form, where the primary invoice header details have just been entered, with a duplicate invoice number error message presented immediately after entering the invoice number value, and way before all invoice details have been completed and the invoice is ready for onward processing.

Supplier Invoice Automation

If your organisation has specified a requirement for an automated invoice processing solution, preceded by an OCR Invoice Scanning and Data Capture solution and/or an EDI Supplier Invoicing solution … then Dynamics 365 Finance also supports Duplicate Invoice validation as part of the Invoice Automation capability as well.

As outlined below by the feature that controls that behaviour, in the event that invoice automation identifies a duplicate invoice number, the invoice transaction will be blocked from being allowed to be submitted to the automated invoice workflow review and approval process.

Any invoices that are identified as having a duplicate invoice number will be visible via the Supplier Invoice Automation workspace and specifically the Invoices Not Submitted to Workflow inquiry.

Audit Workbench – Identify Duplicate Invoices

In the event that you opt to allow Dynamics 365 Finance to either ‘accept duplicates’ or simply ‘warn in the case of duplicates’ … duplicate supplier invoice postings can also be audited for using the Dynamics 365 Finance Audit Workbench capability and specifically the facility to specify and operate a Duplicate Supplier Invoice audit policy rule.

Learning with Microsoft

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