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Supplier Invoice Registration


Invoice Registration allows for the critical details of a supplier invoice to be recorded and its total value accounted for on the supplier purchase ledger account and accrued for in the general ledger prior to fully coding and/or matching, reviewing, approving and fully posting the supplier invoice to the relevant purchase ledger account.

The primary reasons that support a requirement for an Invoice Registration capability include …

  • Visibility … provides visibility of all supplier invoices received by an organisation that have not been fully processed and approved, in a single location.
  • Accrual Balance … automatically maintains accrual balance for invoices received that are subject to processing and approval.
  • Tax Accounting … optionally account for Tax (VAT, GST, TVA etc.) at the time of Invoice Registration rather than post review, approval and final posting.

Registered Invoices are placed into an Invoice Pool when posted, from where one or more selected (registered) invoices can either be …

  1. associated with a purchase order (or multiple orders) and progressed through invoice matching (two-way or three-way) and either a simple manual review and approval process or a fully functional workflow-based (invoice header and line) review and approval process prior to manual posting or optionally automated posting as part of the workflow process. Or …
  2. included within an Invoice Approval Journal for the invoice to be fully coded for general ledger and tax accounting before the invoice journal approval batch is subject to either a simple basic approval mechanism or a more functionally rich workflow-based review and approval process before finally being fully posted to the purchase ledger and general ledger.

Provided below is a screenshot of the Invoice Pool form, which is central to the Invoice Registration process in Dynamics 365 Finance.

Accrual Postings

Invoice Registration vouchers are posted to dedicated control accounts that are separate from the primary accounts payable creditor control accounts, with the voucher transactions being reversed when the invoice is fully coded and/or matched and posted.

Posting accounts are specified via the Supplier Posting Profile setup with the Credit (equivalent creditor control) posting being made to the specified Arrival account and the Debit (equivalent cost distribution) posting being made to the specified Offset account as seen in the screenshot below.

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