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GYDE365-Design Content Catalogue

GYDE365-Design contains a number of Survey Templates, each consisting of a series of questions. The questions are written using business language, avoiding reference to Dynamics 365-specific terminology where possible, to make it easier for users to answer the questions confidently. Questions are grouped into Sections, Sections are grouped into Chapters, and a collection of Chapters together forms a Survey Template. Chapters reflect modules within Dynamics 365 (such as General Ledger, Procurement) and each Section breaks the module content into topic-related segments. When a survey is completed, a strong view of the cross-functional requirements of a business is gathered, which informs the build of a functional Dynamics 365 solution.

In the following sections, you will find:

  • Survey Structure Diagram – a visual representation of how the Survey Templates are built up
  • Survey Templates, Chapters & Sections: The Details – further information on each of these important parts of GYDE365-Design
  • Available Survey Templates – a detailed breakdown of all standard Survey Templates, including their Chapters and Sections
  • Available Chapters – links to the details of all available Chapters, inc. their Sections and the Survey Templates they appear in
  • What’s available in the next release? – list of the topics that will be covered in the next release of GYDE365-Design
Survey Structure Diagram
GYDE365-Design Structure

Survey Templates, Chapters & Sections: The Details

Survey Templates

Access to GYDE365-Design provides you with a series of standard Survey Templates covering Dynamics 365 applications modules.

Partners can review and add questions to existing GYDE365 Survey Templates or alternatively build their own custom Survey Templates adding their own content.

Bespoke partner Survey Templates are created, complete with test functionality, and when finalised, are published. Once a Survey Template is published, it can then be made available to an end-user to complete their Analysis and Solution Design.

The included standard Survey Templates will be reviewed and updated on a continuous cycle for various reasons, including remaining aligned with the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 version updates.


The Chapters within a standard Survey Template align to the modules available within Dynamics 365. After defining which modules are in scope for a business project, published Chapters can be copied into a customer-specific Survey Template. Alternatively, an existing Survey Template with pre-built chapters can be published directly to end-users without any need for change.

By aligning Chapters to core modules within Dynamics 365, it ensures all content is mastered within a central location. This facilitates simplified content management now and in the future.


Sections are found within each Chapter. They break a Chapter down into manageable and meaningful topics. End-users can review the Sections prior to taking the survey in order to get an understanding of the types of question content that will follow. This enables the correct business user to be assigned to answer the right questions.

Available Survey Templates

All standard Survey Templates currently available are shown below. You can drill down into each of the included Chapters and from there into each of the Sections that make up that Chapter by clicking on the ‘Additional Detail’ buttons below.

Phase One: Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management

The Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management Survey Template is the first template within the GYDE365-Design collection.


The chapters available within the Phase One: Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management template are detailed below. Section-level detail can be found within each drop-down:

Business Administration

Business administration considers the setup and management of a business. It includes all aspects of business elements to structure oversee and influence business operations. This includes understanding the structure of a business and core operational activities. The purpose of this is to gather enough information to understand business operations and provide a platform for a Dynamics 365 implementation.

General Ledger

General Ledger has in-depth flexibility to define and manage the financial records within a legal entity and supports the seamless integration of cross-modular transactions. This module is central to all Finance implementations. 

Purchase Ledger

Purchase Ledger underpins the procure-to-pay process. This functionality empowers a business’s ability to control supplier information, manage invoices and process payments. This chapter is tightly integrated with Procurement, General Ledger and Cash and Bank Management.

Sales Ledger

Sales Ledger module underpins the order-to-cash cycle. This functionality empowers a businesses ability to control customer information, manage invoices and process payments.

Credit and Collections

Credit and Collections controls the successful management of customer credit limits and collections activities, should they be deemed necessary.

Cash and Bank Management

Cash and Bank Management considers the setup and maintenance of a legal entities bank accounts, relative financial instruments associated with bank accounts, their ongoing management and processes such as bank reconciliation.

Procurement Level 1

Procurement Level 1 supports the procure-to-pay cycle and empowers businesses with the capabilities to purchase non-stocked goods and services by product category. Whilst this is a hybrid version of the full Procurement functionality, this chapter incorporates all necessary functionality to conduct supplier management, apply purchasing policies, maintain charges, and enable approval workflows. The level of Procurement required by a business is dependent upon requirements and other chapters undertaken within GYDE365-Design.

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets enables the management of items of value such as buildings, vehicles, land and equipment owned by the business. Acquisitions, depreciation, and disposals can be managed and considered.


Tax considerations must be made to determine UK VAT policies and industry specific requirements.

Available Chapters
What’s available in the next Release?

GYDE365-Design is rapidly generating new content to expand the capabilities within the application. The next phase of content due for release will include the following.

GYDE365-Design Content Creation: Phase 2

  • Project Operations
  • Procurement Level 2
  • Core HR
  • Product Information Management
  • Intercompany
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Stock Management
  • Travel and Expense
  • Advanced Warehousing
  • Field Service
  • Budgeting