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Order Tracking


A purchase order (PO) is a document that represents an agreement with a vendor to buy goods or services. The document also helps keep track of product receipts that are made toward the order and, later, the accounting of vendor invoices that the vendor bills toward the order.

In D365

In D365 Finance & Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Sourcing there are many reports where business users can view information about POs, product receipts, and vendor invoices.

The Purchase order preparation and Purchase order receipt and follow-up workspaces let you view lists of POs in the various states that they’ve progressed to. They also provide a summary of the actions that must be taken. The Purchase order receipt and follow-up workspace is focused on processing the receipt of goods or services against POs. It includes lists that give insight into receipts that are overdue, or that will soon be due for delivery by the supplier.

Purchase order receipt and follow-up workspace provides a summary of all POs and lines with delayed receipts. Delayed receipts, returns etc can also be managed from this workspace.