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Procurement Policy Rules – Reapproval rule for purchase orders


The re-approval rule for purchase orders policy rule is used to specify the fields that, when changed, require an approved purchase order to be manually reapproved. With this kind of rule, a business can control when a purchase order requires manual reapproval by the designated approvers in the workflow process that is defined for that organisation. Any fields that are not included in the reapproval rule are automatically approved by the workflow process.

Example Workflow process


A purchase ledger clerk updates a supplier’s address on an approved Purchase order. Because the address field is included in the reapproval rule, manual approval is required from the purchasing manager to confirm the address update.

In D365

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Sourcing, Procurement Policies include provision for a “re-approval rule for purchase orders” where a policy can be defined that specifies the fields/values that when changed should be subject to manual review and approval.  Typically this would include values such as address, quantity, price and discount, etc.

A workflow for purchase order reapproval must be configured for a reapproval rule to be enforced.

Set up a reapproval rule for purchase orders in Procurement and Sourcing under Purchasing policies. Create a new purchasing policy or select an existing one.

On the purchasing policy form select Re-approval rule for purchase orders in the Policy rule type: field.

Create a new policy rule. On the Re-approval rule for purchase orders form, select a start date and an end date for the policy rule. From the list of available fields on the right, select the fields that manual reapproval is required for when changes are made to an approved purchase order and add them to the selected list on the left. The list of available fields reflects the fields that are in the Purchase order form, and additional fields from forms that can also be accessed from the Purchase order form.