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Change Management for Purchase Orders


Change management is used to control the changes made to purchase orders in an organisation. Change management introduces a managed workflow that makes sure that purchase orders are locked when they have been approved. The purchase orders cannot be changed until the change request workflow is started. When the workflow starts, all changes are stored in a history log, so that you can review the changes and compare purchase order versions.


Change management may be used to help organisations manage changes as well as successfully adopt change to proceed with further Purchase Order handling.

In D365

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Sourcing provide an optional Change Control and Management capability to further enhance and reinforce the controls applied by the optional Workflow Approval capability, as standard.

To use the Change management functionality it must be activated under Procurement and sourcing parameters.


Create a new workflow that will allow purchase orders to be approved when they are submitted.

On the Procurement and sourcing workflows form, select or create a new workflow. Workflow versions can also be managed on this form. Any amendments made to an existing workflow will be registered on the workflow versions form.

When a new purchase order is submitted to workflow and approved, on the Purchase order versions form, the different versions of the Purchase order are available to view.

Purchase Order Change Management Control can be refined through the optional setup of the ‘re-approval rule for suppliers‘ procurement policy that can be used to specify which type of changes can be auto-approved and which require further manual review and approval.