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Supplier Collaboration – Purchase Order Review


The Supplier collaboration module is targeted at suppliers who don’t have electronic data interchange (EDI) integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. It lets suppliers work with purchase orders (POs), invoices, consignment inventory information, and requests for quotation (RFQs) and also lets them access parts of their suppliers’ master data. 

PO reviews via Supplier Collaboration in Dynamics 365

Defining the information that is shown to suppliers when they respond to POs is a prerequisite to using the supplier portal for PO review. This can be done from the Procurement and Sourcing module under Supplier collaboration.

On this form, review the message details for the actions that suppliers would view in the portal.

Select or create a new purchase order and on the purchase tab and choose an option under ‘supplier collaboration’.

View and manage POs awaiting review Purchase Order confirmation workspace in the Supplier collaboration module.

On the Purchase Order Confirmation page, review the information in each tile;

  • Purchase orders for review – Supplier can see all POs which are pending and can take appropriate action (Accept, Reject or suggest changes)
  • Awaiting customer action – shows all POs where supplier has taken action but action is pending from the business side
  • Open confirmed purchase orders – Shows all confirmed orders

In the Purchase order preparation workspace, view accepted orders and confirm.

Now view the confirmed orders in Supplier Collaboration.