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Email Distribution (Print Management)


Print management is the framework in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations that allows users to configure print settings for various business documents, including sending emails and archiving. Print management setups are typically separated by module and include nodes for all business documents that are available to be printed.


Managing invoices and other business documents electronically enables organizations to streamline their business processes. The benefits include increased efficiency, fewer errors and shorter payment cycles.

Print Management in D365

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, Print Management capabilities fully support the electronic generation of all Business Document outputs in PDF format, together with the support for emailing of those documents to a nominated, purchase order specific supplier email address, as standard.

The print management form is accessible in most cases from the “Form setup” form or as a tab directly on the module parameters form. For example, the print management form for supplier invoice documents can be accessed through Accounts Payable> Setup > Forms > Form setup > Print management.

Change the print destination for any business document on the print management form by clicking on the lowest applicable node.

On the Print destination settings page, select the Email option and enter the required information for example email subject, file format etc.

The ”Edit” option to the right of the “To” field allows a user to insert a purpose which acts as a variable. So, when the system goes to send the email it will look for the email address associated with the customer with the “Invoice” purpose or Account Manager (worker title) associated with the email address. 

Confirm settings and process a purchase order and enable ‘Use print information destination’ option to review the setup.