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Multiple Languages


For companies that operate worldwide, in multiple countries or regions, it’s important that each user be able to work with product information in their own language. Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management supports the generation of multiple language Purchase Order Confirmation document outputs through the utilisation of Language Translations and Multi-Language Form Layouts functionality.

Language Translations (Translation Text) in D365

Foreign Language Product and Procurement Category Names and Descriptions can be accommodated as part of the Released Product and Procurement Category data setup respectively, for one or more languages. 

Set up the system to show translated product names and descriptions in Product information management parameters. In the Product information management module, on the Released product details page, under ‘Languages’ Enter translated names and descriptions for products.

On the Text Translations page, on the Action Pane, select Add to add as many text translations as needed.

Note: Dynamics 365 does not provide any form of automated translation capabilities, it is a pre-requisite that product name and description translations have been made and are available for entry or upload when creating released products and/or procurement categories.

Multi-Language Form Layouts in D365

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management provides all forms that make up the User-Interface, Business Documents, Reports, etc with built-in multiple language capabilities with all text fields and field names holding multiple language values, which are then presented relative to the selected language.  For Purchase Order Confirmation document outputs, that will be based on the language code selected and specified within the Suppliers account setup.