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Document Multiple branding


Print management is the framework in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations that allows users to configure print settings for various business documents, including sending emails and archiving. Print management setups are typically separated by module and include nodes for all business documents that are available to be printed.

Print Management in D365

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, Print Management which handles all Business Document output generation enables differing Report Layout Definitions to be applied based on a specified criteria, down to and including an individual Supplier basis.

The print management form is accessible in most cases from the “Form setup” form or as a tab directly on the module parameters form. For example, the print management form for supplier invoice documents can be accessed through Accounts Payable> Setup > Forms > Form setup > Print management.

Other settings can be applied for example document destination (screen, printer, emails etc), report format, footer text depending on requirement.

Document Branding in D365

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, can support the specification and generation of Purchase Order Confirmation documents that either have a common layout and format, but have different branding and branding-specific information e.g. address, contact details, etc or have completely separate document layouts and formats, as well as branding details, as standard.

Document branding can be set up In the Organisation Administration module.

Standard functionality allows for only one brand per legal entity.

A list of brand images can also be added to use for branding.

Define report branding on the brand details page for example if defining for a purchase order document, add report name, brand image details etc.