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Supplier item numbers and descriptions


The external description consists of text that describes an item and an alternative item number. A business may need to configure an external item number and description for a new item/supplier. This can then be used to translate between the item number in the organisation’s catalog and what the supplier catalogs.

External Item description in D365

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, Product Information Management provides the facility to store supplier-specific item numbers and descriptions as standard through the ‘External Item Description’ functionality.

External Item Description values can then be included within the Purchase Order confirmation document layout, as specified for the supplier that the Purchase Order is for, as standard. External product identifiers can be maintained by released product, released product variant, customer, customer group, vendor, or vendor group.

On the released products page, in the Related information group on the Purchase tab, select External item description.

On the External item descriptions page, you can associate the supplier’s item number with a released product. This association must be done for each legal entity. The following information can be captured;

If many suppliers use the same item numbers, you can create groups of suppliers to simplify the maintenance of external product information. Manage supplier groups in the Procurement and Sourcing module.

Create a purchase order to verify the configuration and check that the external item number is visible in the general tab on the line details.