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Purchase Order, One-time suppliers


One-time supplier functionality would be useful for a company in scenarios where there is no need to store a supplier record perhaps because there is no intention of dealing with that vendor again or following up on the total purchases and other figures for that vendor.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, supports the creation of Purchase Orders against ad-hoc, one-time suppliers as standard. This requires the setup of a template supplier account that is used to define and act as the source of key values, such as Method of Payment, Terms of Payment, Early Settlement Discount etc.

The optional setup of workflow approval can then be used to ensure that any such purchase orders are subjected to review and approval before being issued.

Create a one-time supplier in Dynamics 365

One-time suppliers are set up in the procurement and sourcing module. The supplier is created automatically with the purchase order (PO), rather than having to create the vendor account manually.

In the ‘one-time supplier field’ on the Create purchase order form, select yes to create PO using a one-time supplier.

A supplier account is automatically created and assigned to the purchase order. The vendor account is created based on the template that is specified on the General tab in the Accounts payable parameters page.