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Supplier Catalogues


A supplier catalogue is a document issued by a supplier that provides information such as product name, service name, product/service description, hierarchy, product/service prices, internal codes. It is usually the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that the supplier catalogue is up-to date.


A supplier catalogue enhances the requisitioning and ordering process for goods and services provided by a supplier/suppliers with a product catalogue maintained within the system. It can also be a great way for a company to streamline its purchasing process and keep track of spending.

In Dynamics 365

In D365 F&SCM, you can upload catalogue data submitted by a vendor from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 client.

The product data that a vendor submits to you, in the form of a catalogue maintenance request (CMR) file, must be in XML file format. The CMR file should contain the details for the products that the vendor supplies to your company.

One of the prerequisites for importing supplier catalogue data is to set up a project in the Data management workspace where you have defined your data mapping rules.

Assign vendors to procurement categories and configure the vendor for catalogue import. Select a vendor, and then select Procurement > Set up > Configure vendor for catalogue import.

Create a CMR file template and share this with the supplier(s). Create a vendor catalogue in the procurement and sourcing module under supplier catalogues. The catalogue maintenance request (CMR) files that you receive from your vendor are grouped in this catalogue.

Upload the CMR file. Workflows can be setup for the catalogue import.

The products are automatically mapped to the procurement categories.