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Purchasing Policy – Category Access Rules


The category access rule controls which procurement categories employees have access to when they create a requisition. When a requisition is being created, the purchasing policy and category access rule that should be applied are determined by the legal entity and the operational unit that the employee belongs to.


The category access policy rule can be used to hide specific categories from parts of the organization thereby serving as an enforcement for the purchasing process.


Company X has the procurement category hierarchy defined but company wants users to create purchase requisitions only for “Office machines” category or its subcategory. User should not be able to select any other category or even any other product which is not party of this category or its subcategory.

In Dynamics 365

In D365 F&SCM, Purchase requisition rules are defined through the ‘Purchasing policies’ menu item.

There are many different types of policy rules which can be defined in the system for example the category access policy rule

Upon creation of the policy rule, the category or subcategory for which yu want to give access to the selected legal entity can be defined.

Creating a purchase requisition with one or more lines should validate whether or not the policy is effective.