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Currency Exchange Rate Management

Import Exchange Rates

Dynamics 365 allows configuration to exchange rate providers to automate the exchange rate update process. This can update multiple exchange rate types and pairings, as well as create new exchange rate pairings, in a single import.

If this is required, to assist with configuration, the fields required are:

Exchange Rate Type – This is the type of exchange rate required (see Exchange Rate Types for more information)

Exchange Rate Provider – Delivered as standard are Central Bank of Europe, OANDA and Central Bank of Russian Federation. The service endpoints are preconfigured to produce an xml file import in the correct format. Other providers can be configured. Additional bank charges may be incurred.

Create Exchange Rate Pairs – This allows the import routine to create new pairings in Dynamics 365, if they do not exist within the Exchange Rate Type. For example, if USD to ZAD has never been set up as a currency exchange rate pairing, setting this option to Yes, will create the pairing and the exchange rate on import.

Override Existing Exchange Rates – This option allows flexibility in updating exchange rates, allowing only new pairings to update if this is flagged as “No”

Single Rate for Date Range – This option will import a static exchange rate for the date range selected. This is useful for a period end, monthly average. For example:

Example screen of the currency import process
Configure Exchange Rate Providers