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Centralised Payments


In Dynamics 365, Accounts Receivable Centralized Payments is a feature that allows you to consolidate and manage customer payments across multiple legal entities or bank accounts within your organization. It provides a centralized view and control over the incoming payments, simplifying the payment reconciliation process and improving efficiency.

Here are the key aspects of Dynamics 365 Accounts Receivable Centralized Payments:

  1. Centralized Payment Processing: With this feature, you can consolidate payments received from customers across different legal entities or bank accounts into a central repository. This consolidation enables you to streamline the payment handling process, eliminating the need to manage payments separately in each entity or account.
  2. Payment Reconciliation: Accounts Receivable Centralized Payments provides tools to reconcile incoming payments against outstanding customer invoices. The system automatically matches payments to invoices based on predefined rules, reducing manual effort and ensuring accurate reconciliation. Any discrepancies or unmatched items can be easily identified and resolved within the centralized payment platform.
  3. Bank Account Configuration: You can set up multiple bank accounts within Dynamics 365 to receive customer payments. The centralized payment functionality allows you to associate each bank account with specific legal entities or business units. This association ensures that payments received for a particular entity are appropriately allocated and accounted for.
  4. Payment Allocation and Distribution: When payments are consolidated in the centralized payment repository, you can define allocation and distribution rules to determine how the funds should be distributed across different legal entities or accounts. These rules can be based on predefined percentages, amounts, or other criteria, allowing you to customize the distribution process according to your business requirements.
  5. Payment Visibility and Reporting: Accounts Receivable Centralized Payments provides comprehensive visibility into payment activities across the organization. You can generate reports and dashboards to monitor payment trends, view aging analysis, track payment statuses, and gain insights into cash flow across different entities or accounts. This visibility enables you to make informed decisions and optimize your cash management processes.

By leveraging Dynamics 365 Accounts Receivable Centralized Payments, organizations can streamline payment handling, improve reconciliation accuracy, and gain better control and visibility over customer payments across multiple legal entities or bank accounts. This feature simplifies financial operations and enhances overall efficiency in managing accounts receivable.