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Marketing App: Personalised content overview


This is an overview of Personalised Content for email marketing in Dynamics 365. Personalised content is a great way to grab the attention of your audience. Would you be more inclined to open an email with your name in the subject, and event name you attended last week or an item you purchased two days ago? Personalised content allows this to happen.

In Dynamics 365

Unlike standard email campaigns with a giant To or Bcc recipient list, Dynamics 365 Marketing allows marketers to design a single marketing email which will be personalised for each marketing contact using personalised content. Personalised content is where you can extract specific data from the recipient in the system to send them personalised email messages. For example, in the below screenshot instead of saying “Hey there!” or “Hello” the system is grabbing the email recipients first name, and also location to personalise the marketing message.

See below the personalised content after being sent to the contact. The values that the email extracts from the contact are always evaluated at the time of send. This means that you can edit content-settings at any time, or a contact can edit their details at any time. All pending and future email messages will automatically use the most up-to-date value.