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Marketing App: Marketing Emails overview


This is an overview of the out of the box marketing emails in D365 Marketing. These marketing emails are different to the typical emails you see in other D365 apps.

In Dynamics 365

The dot points below outline the main functionality in the email marketing form in Dynamics 365.


The toolbox is a drag and drop email designer that is easy to use and is the one stop shop to customise your marketing messaging. Out of the box there is over 10 different templates, or you can create emails from scratch. D365 emails allow text, images, buttons to external websites, videos and QR codes. Each element on the email, will also have a formatting toolbar. Each formatting control varies depending on that element is selected.

HTML Editor

The HTML button can be used to either edit the raw HTML directly, or you can copy and paste in an existing HTML design.

Send Settings

  • To address – must contain an expression for finding a contacts address the email should be sent too. Almost always the expression should be {{contact.emailaddress1}}. 
  • From address: This is the email address the contact will receive an email from. This will use the default email address for the company in the admin settings. It is important to ensure the email address you are sending from is authenticated to belong to your company, otherwise this would dramatically impact the delivery of emails.  
  • From name: This is the name that recipients (contacts in D365) will see as the sender when they receive the message. Similarly, like the “from address” the name will use the default from your company in the admin settings.   
  • Reply-to address: If you would like your email replies to be sent to a different email address, this is where you would specify what email address.  

Email settings

  • Email Template – The email template selected to create the email. Important to note, if you change the email template mid email build, the email content already created will not be saved.  
  • Content type – This is where you specify if this is a normal email, or an email using double opt in. Double opt in emails in D365 asks contacts who sign up for a new subscription or change their level of consent (GDPR), to confirm their request by clicking on a link that is sent to their email address. The system helps make sure that the request is intentional, and the emails supplied are legitimate.   
  • Language – If your company creates emails in different languages to market to different countries. This field allows you to identify what language the email is written in.

Plan text

  • D365 can automatically generate plain text. This is always set to Yes by default. The user can always change this setting to No and provide another version of plain text.  


Dynamics 365 design templates and features although is powerful can sometime not be the prettiest. If your company has an eye for design HTML code can be added to create the perfect email. This will eliminate the ability to use the drag and drop toolbox unless particular code is added into the HTML.