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Customer Engagement: Contact related entities


This section explains how relationships between contacts and related entities work in Customer Service App.

In Dynamics 365

The following model outlines the relationships to Contact OOTB.

If any of these entities are not being used in your Sales App, they can be removed. If additional data capture is required through entities, new entities can be created.


Relationships off an Contact can be shown in Dynamics 365 Sales App as:

  • An embedded view. In the screen shot below the red boxes highlight that contacts and opportunities related to this account are embedded on the form. These related entities are embedded on a form with a predefined view.
  • Under related tab – associated view. Other related entities to the contact can be viewed.

On selection of a related view entity the related records are displayed in a grid. The user will be displayed an option of views to change the list to. For example viewing only won opportunities or lost opportunities.