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Customer Engagement: Document Management options


Overview of document management options available out of the box in Dynamics 365 Dataverse and Customer Engagement

In Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement provides a number of options in relation to storage of files, images etc. and then are outlined below.

Standard Note Attachments

Notes activity

Attaching documents using this approach has the following limitations:

  • Customer Engagement is a subscription model where data usage is part of the consumption charge. CE is the least cost-effective solution for documents that Microsoft offers.
  • Security is basic. Out of the box the security model does not allow you to add permissions around note attachments based on the entity context.

File & Image Columns

Dataverse supports the creation of one or more “File” or “Image” type columns against a record which provide a way of providing explicit meaning to a file or image uploaded. For example you might create a field of type “File” called Customers Signed Contract. There are some size limitations on these column types and there is currently no capability to search the content held within them. As with Note Attachments, these files contribute towards your data usage.

SharePoint integration/embedded

With SharePoint you can store and manage documents in the context of a record on a SharePoint Server, and implement the SharePoint infrastructure to share, manage, and collaborate efficiently. Because SharePoint stores documents on a SharePoint Server, users who aren’t running the app can directly access documents on the SharePoint Server. This is provided that users have the appropriate permissions.

Azure Blob storage

Enables you to take advantage of the greater file storage capability of Azure, using the same interface and providing the same user experience as for default file attachments. This is the most cost-effective solution but the integration out of the box is somewhat limited and the Dataverse search does not include documents held in Azure Blob Storage.