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Customer Engagement: Contact entity data capture


This help explains the contact entity OOTB in Dynamics 365. Remember in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement you have control of how you want these forms to display data and what data is displayed. The screen shots below are to help you understand what is there OOTB and the possible data capture that could be against a contact. Your consultant will want to know the level of change that is required against this contact record.

In Dynamics 365

The screen shot below highlights OOTB data capture of the contact record in Dynamics 365.

Contact Summary page
  1. Contact Information. Displays the base information of the contact.
  2. Timeline. This records all activities recorded against the contact. This will show activities this contact is included on if they are recorded against other entities, such as opportunity.
  3. Who Knows Whom. See Who Knows Whom in Dynamics 365 Sales | Microsoft Docs for details. This feature is only available in Sales Premium.
  4. Relationship Analytics. The screen shot shows an example of a summary card of relationship analytics, more details analytics is available on the ‘Relationship Analytics’ tab. This feature is only available with Sales Premium license. See Relationship analytics and health | Microsoft Docs for more details of this feature.
  5. Assistant. See Assistant for Dynamics 365 Sales | Microsoft Docs for details. This feature is part of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights license. The assistant keeps an eye on your daily actions and communications, and helps you stay on top of your day with insight cards that are displayed prominently throughout the application to provide tailored and actionable insights.

The above screen shot reference a number of features that are only available with Sales Premium. If you purchased Sales Enterprise or Sales Professional your OOTB contact record may look more like the following.

Contact page summary – Enterprise or Professional example

Note the Sales Premium cards are removed and there is more room on the form to show relationships to other entities the contact has. The items in the red box above allows the user to see opportunities, cases and entitlements the contact is related to.