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Customer Engagement: Account Hierarchy


The Record Hierarchy in Dynamics 365 is based on parent/child relationships.

In Dynamics 365

If a parent account field is populated on an Account record, the Account hierarchy is recorded and a visualisation of the account hierarchy is made available.

Parent account field populated on an Account record
Account hierarchy visualisation

When to use

Decisions need to be made about when to create a new account record or just a new address against an account.

For example, if Trey Research has 10 locations in the UK but you are always selling to the head office in the UK and only shipping to these other locations or never interacting with them, then you do not have to create 11 account records for Trey Research UK. However, if you want to record appointments or you process orders invoiced to these specific Trey locations then they will need their own individual Account records that can be associated to the Opportunity, Appointment or any other record.