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Sales App – Sales Accelerator Sequences


Sequences help enforce best practices by introducing a set of consecutive activities for sellers to follow during the course of their day. A manager can connect sequences to leads and opportunities that appear in a seller’s work queue, to help sellers prioritize activities to focus on selling, be more productive, and better align to business processes.

Working with Sequences within Sales Accelerator

Sequences can be created in Sales Insights Settings using templates or by using a blank sequence from scratch. The image below shows sample OOTB sequence templates and an option to start from blank:

The image below shows a sample sequence of activities for seller to follow during the ‘New lead nurturing process’:

After the sequence starts, the Add icon can be used to configure sequence steps.

For a sequence, the steps are categorized into the following four groups:

  • Steps: The step in a sequence is an engagement task that a seller performs for sales outreach such as, email, phone call, and task.
  • Conditions: The condition step in a sequence determines the next course of action that the sequence will take after the condition is either met or not, based on the completed activity.
  • Commands: The command step in a sequence determines the next course of action according to the value given in the field or the stage of a business process.
  • LinkedIn: If enabled the LinkedIn activity step in a sequence allows sellers to diversify their day-to-day activities by including the social selling functions.

Conditions: Conditions in adaptive sequences work as defined only when Sales Insights Adaptive sequence timeout flow process is enabled. The conditions determine the course of action the sequence will take after the condition is either met or not. After the result of a condition is determined—for example, whether a user opened an email (Yes) or didn’t (No)—the sequence proceeds as you designed it. Conditions are available for the following activities:

Commands: The following command steps are available in sequences:

  • Advance to another sequence – Transfers the sequence control from the current sequence to the selected sequence. For example, you defined a sequence S1 and attached a sequence S2 after an initial activity of sending an introduction email. When S1 is attached to a record and seller completes the initial task of sending an introduction email, the record starts displaying the activities defined in S2.
  • Update field – Creates a step that automatically updates a record by using a configured value for a field. When the activity is displayed to the seller in the record, the field automatically gets updated with the value you configured.
License & Prerequisites

LicenseDynamics 365 Sales Enterprise or Dynamics 365 Sales Premium
Security rolesSystem Administrator, Sequence manager, or Sales Manager/Salesperson
Task related to sequencePermissions required
Create, edit, and deleteIn the Security roles page, under the Custom Entities tab, provide Create, Read, Write, and Delete permissions for Sequence entity.
Connect and disconnect
– Sequence: Create and Append To
– Sequence Target: Create, Read, Write, Append, Append To, and Assign
– Sequence Target Step: Create, Read, Write, Append, and Assign