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Sales App: Product Relationships


Within the Sales App opportunities to sell can be improved by adding related products. The related products are displayed as suggestions to your sales agents during opportunity or order management. These suggestions help your sales agents recommend related products and bundles/kits to the customers, and increase product sales.

In Dynamics 365

In D365 sales a product relationship can be defined either in the Product Catalogue area or on the product itself.

The following details can be captured when adding a product relationship:

  1. Product. Select the product you want to add a relationship to.
  2. Related Product. Select a product that you want to add as a related product to the existing product record you’re working on.
  3. Sales Relation Type. Select whether you want to add the product as an up-sell, cross-sell, accessory, or substitute product.
  4. Direction. Select whether the relationship between the products will be uni-directional or bi-directional. When you select Uni-Directional, the product that you select in Related Product will be shown as a recommendation for the existing product but not vice-versa.
License & Security Roles
LicenseSales Premium, Sales Enterprise, or Sales Professional
Security rolesSales Manager, Sales Professional Manager, or Vice President of Sales