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Customer Engagement – Email Templates


In Dynamics 365 users will often be required to send emails as part of their daily activities. Time can be saved when creating multiple email messages by using email templates. Setting up email templates in D365 allows users to select a template with prefilled data, meaning they don’t have to re-enter the same information for each email they create.

Email Templates in Dynamics 365

An email template is attached to an email activity after the activity is created. Typically, each type of email activity has its own email template type; for example, an email activity created from an opportunity record would use an opportunity email template. Types of email template that can be created include: You can also create global templates that are available for any record type, or personal templates available only to you, or organizational templates available to anyone in your organization.

Specific Record Templates – If you select a specific record type, such as a lead, the template is only available against that record type. This cannot be changed. To use the same content for another record type, create a new template.

Global Templates – available to use against any record type.

Organisational Level Templates available for use by anyone in your organization.

Individual Templates – similar to a personal view, these are only available to you.

Sample Template: