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Customer Engagement – List, Calendar and Kanban Views


In Dynamics 365, records such as activities, opportunities or leads, can be viewed in different formats to optimise your user experience. Records can be viewed in three different views lists, kanban or with calendar controls. It is possible for users with relevant permissions to show records in a different view to the default format by using Show As on the command bar. Users can also use on screen filters to further alter the content displayed within the view.

List, Calendar and Kanban Examples

Lists – shows a list of all activities

Calendar – Shows a calendar with a list of the day’s scheduled activities and the associated details.

Kanban. Shows a visual representation of your activities in the form of cards. The cards are typically displayed in columns that reflect the current status/progress (for example, Open, Completed, Cancelled, Scheduled). You can define the columns, set up filters and configure additional details and fields to be shown on the cards.