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Customer Engagement: Syncing Emails, Appointments and Tasks Between D365/Exchange


Appointments, contacts, and tasks can sync both ways by default between Dynamics 365 and Exchange*. For example an appointment/meeting can be organized in D365 and will be visible in Exchange. Once established the sync is always bidirectional meaning any change on one side will be reflected on the other, for example a change to an appointment in outlook will reflect in D365.

*Note that when referring to Exchange this is Microsoft’s email server solution that delivers email, calendar, contacts and tasks across devices. Outlook is the end user email client. Note that email synchronization is separate to contacts, appointments and tasks.

In Dynamics 365

Appointments, contacts, and tasks sync from Exchange to Dynamics 365 only when the following requirements are met:

  • The item was created in the Dynamics 365 for Outlook app.
  • The item is tracked to Dynamics 365 in Dynamics 365 for Outlook.
  • The Tracked to Dynamics 365 category is applied in Outlook or another email client, not Dynamics 365 for Outlook.

Syncing appointments from Dynamics 365 to Exchange

  • Mapping: Appointments in Dynamics 365 sync to Exchange as meetings.
  • Appointment status: If the appointment status in Dynamics 365 is CompletedCancelled, or Free (Open), the appointment status syncs to Exchange as Free.
  • Reminder: No reminder is set if the appointment is more than seven days in the past or the appointment status is Free (Open).
  • Invitations: No invitation is sent if:
    • The appointment is in the past.
    • No attendees are invited.
    • The user syncing the appointment isn’t the organizer.

Syncing tasks from Dynamics 365 to Exchange

  • Mapping: Faxes, letters, phone calls, and tasks in Dynamics 365 sync to Exchange as tasks.
  • Reminder: If the task due date is more than a day ago and the task state in Dynamics 365 is Open or Scheduled, a reminder is set during sync.
  • Due date: The task scheduled end date in Dynamics 365 syncs to Exchange as the task due date.
  • Task status: When percentage complete isn’t specified:
    • an Open task syncs to Exchange as Not started.
    • Completed or Cancelled task syncs to Exchange as Completed.
  • Complete date: The task actual end date syncs to Exchange as the task complete date.
  • Deleted tasks: Tasks that are deleted in Dynamics 365 are deleted in Exchange only if their status in Exchange isn’t Completed.
  • Task auto-completion: Tasks that are marked as Complete in Dynamics 365 have a value in the actualEnd field. If a task’s actualEnd field is populated and the date is in the past, the task syncs to Exchange as Completed automatically.

Please refer to the below link for more technical detail on syncing tasks and appointments between D365 and Exchange

Microsoft Link