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Customer Engagement – OOTB Activity Views


In Dynamics 365, you can use activities to plan, track, and organize all your customer communications. For example, you can take notes about a client, send emails, make phone calls, set up appointments, assign tasks as you work a sale or resolve a service case. These actions are all considered types of activities. 

You can use views to see the activities you want. D365 comes with a number of out of the box views to allow users to view activities, For example different views can be used to view My Activities or My Team Member’s Activities. Views can then be filtered to limit the activities you are seeing in view. This article list the OOTB views available.

Dynamics 365 OOTB Activity Views

The following views are provided out of the box in D365 sales for activities;

  • My Activities
  • My Team Members’ Activities – Shows all open and scheduled activities which are owned by users belonging to teams administered by the current user.
  • All Activities
  • Closed Activities
  • Open Activities
  • My Closed Activities
  • Last Activity
  • Next Activity

You can filter the list of activities to see only the ones you’re interested in. For example, you can further limit the activities you are seeing in a view by using the activity type filter. The activity type filter allows you to filter activities based on the type, such as email, task, phone call, and so on. You can also use the Due filter to see the activities that are due in a specified time, such as activities that are due today or earlier or activities that are due in the next seven days or earlier.