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Sales App: LinkedIn Sales Insights


The LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be integrated with the D365 Sales application to enhance data on your records during the sales cycle.

There are different types of LinkedIn controls which are added automatically to your D365 Sales solution when using the latest version of the out-of-box integrations:

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead control shows information about a LinkedIn member profile. This control has the following sections, which you can choose to show or hide:

  • Top Card: shows information about the person like name, headline, and more. Additionally, it provides capabilities to message or save the person as a lead in Sales Navigator.
  • News (Icebreakers): shows the person’s highlights, activities, conversation starters, and more.
  • Connections (Get Introduced): shows the mutual connections and allows for a warm introduction to the person.
  • Related Leads: shows potential Sales Navigator leads who are similar to the target person and might represent the relevant stakeholders around them. On a sales scenario, this insight is crucial to identify the potential decision-makers for a deal.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account control shows information about a LinkedIn company profile. This control has four modules, which you can choose to show or hide:

  • Top Card: shows information about the company like company name, industry, location, and more. Additionally, provides capabilities to view the related account and save it in Sales Navigator.
  • News: shows the latest news of this company.
  • Connections: shows relevant connections for this company that can establish a first contact.
  • Recommended Leads: shows the recommended potential leads in this company that may be opportunities open for the next deal.
License Requirements & Prerequisites

Dynamics 365 Sales (on-premises) doesn’t support LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

You can integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement only and can’t be integrated with a Microsoft Dataverse organization.

You have a Microsoft Relationship Sales subscription for Dynamics 365. Microsoft Relationship Sales (MRS) solution includes Dynamics Sales Enterprise and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team license.
If you don’t have MRS Solution or MRS Solution plus for LinkedIn Sales Navigator license, you’ll need to sign up your team for LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise.