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Sales App: Lead Management Overview


Within the Sales App lead management can be configured to enable your sales team to follow a streamlined process for managing leads. This section explains the core components of lead management configuration.

In Dynamics 365

In the Dynamics 365 Sales App the following settings can be configured as part of lead management.

Lead Assignment Rules: Assignment dictates how leads are automatically distributed to sellers. When a lead is created and certain conditions are met (defined via rules), the lead is then automatically assigned to a seller.

Lead Qualification Experience Settings: Allows the creation of records by default once a lead is qualified. When the lead qualification experience value is set to ‘No’, salespeople will be prompted to select which record types are to be created once a lead is qualified. If the value is set to ‘Yes’, upon qualifying a lead the account, contact and opportunity records are created by default.

Duplicate Lead Detection: Helps to identify and address potential duplicate leads. Once enabled lead duplicates are identified using the following rules:

  • Same email address
  • Same phone number
  • Similar lead name and company name
  • Similar lead name and the same email domain

 The Sales duplicate detection feature has been enhanced so you can merge a record that has as many as four duplicates. This helps you maintain a single record with the latest information.

Duplicate detection can be applied at an organisational through Power Platform. Power platform detects duplicates by comparing the record matchcode whereas D365 sales detects duplicates with an AI model based on the above rules and the record matchcode. For more information please refer to this link:

Predictive Scoring Rules: Calculates a score for open leads based on historical data. This allows you to prioritize leads and increase the probability of winning a deal.

LinkedIn Sales Insights Integration: Allows sellers to get the most recent data of their leads from Linkedin.

License Requirements

The above features require a Sales Premium, Sales Insights or a Sales Enterprise license.