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Expenses Management

Mileage Rate

Mileage rate is the set amount paid to an employee per mile. When entering an Expense form, the employee will enter the number of miles travelled and the system will calculate the amount due by multiplying the mileage rate by the number of miles. Sometimes… Read More »Mileage Rate

Expenses Sub-categories

Sub-categories allow a breakdown of a main category. The sub-category can have independent General ledger Main Account codes, or inherit the primary category Main Account code, but split for reporting purposes. Below is a common example – Hotels – where the bill for a night… Read More »Expenses Sub-categories

Expenses Categories

Employees must assign their expenses to predefined categories when they are working with expense reports. You can create two types of expense categories: Categories for use by a single company – This type of category includes information about payment methods, expense types, cost splitting, and… Read More »Expenses Categories

Travel and Expense Purpose

The expense entry report is configurable to allow maximum efficiency when entering employee expenses. Purpose and location are two key header level detail fields.