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Physical Handling of Items


In this section, you will answer questions about the Item requirements you have for your system implementation. The questions in this section are designed to get you thinking about what is required of Business Central in relation to your business processes and needs.

In Business Central, items must be registered as an item card. Each item card stores information required for an item and can have a type of Inventory, Service, or Non-Inventory to specify if the item is a physical inventory unit, a labour time unit, or a physical unit that isn’t tracked in inventory.

A new item card can be created from scratch, by copying an existing one, or, created from a predefined item template. In Business Central, you can view or edit special prices, set up multiple vendors for an item as well as manage categories, attributes and variants all from the item card.

Physical Handling of Items Survey Content

This section will cover the following areas related to the setting up of item records and the physical handling of items:

Units of Measure:

Item tracking: Serial numbers, lot numbers, expiration and warranty dates which can help trace items across internal warehouse movements and processes.

Food related item information: for businesses which sell perishable good and products, expirations as well as catch weight requirements (a term used to describe items that vary in actual weight or size).

Restricted and hazardous goods:

  • Hazardous material refers to dangerous good or substances which can be labelled a risk to the health and safety of people, animals, property, or the environment in line with applicable regulations and standards.
  • Regulated products refer to a product that is subject to specific regulations, standards, or compliance requirements set by regulatory authorities or governing bodies. Examples can include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hazardous materials, food and beverages and chemicals.

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