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Invoice Discounts


In this section, you will answer questions about any Invoice Discounts requirements you may have for your system implementation.

Invoice discounts in Business Central involve reducing the total amount of a sales invoice or purchase invoice to provide price reductions.

This feature enables businesses to incentivise customers and negotiate improved terms with vendors, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and cost savings. The ability to customise discount agreements and automate discount calculations streamlines the invoicing process and enhances the financial management capabilities within the system.

The questions in this section are designed to get you thinking about what is required of Business Central in relation to your business processes and needs.


This functionality is setup on the customer card where the conditions are set so the invoice discount can be applied.

The conditions are based on:

  • Currency Code
  • Minimum Amount
  • Discount %
  • Service charge – an extra charge can be applied if the invoice does not meet the minimum amount.
An example of an Invoice Discount Setup on a Customer Card.

Where Invoice Discounts are used, Business Central calculates them automatically and applies the discount at point of invoice, based on the order value.

Additional Information & Useful Links

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