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Blanket Sales and Purchase Orders


If you have a longstanding agreement with a customer or vendor, you can create blanket purchase or sales order documents to represent this arrangement and call off inventory. For example, if a customer places an order for 1500 units of a particular item and want 250 units to be delivered each week, a blanket sales order can be used and raised to process this.

How Blanket Orders Work in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The following image displays a Blanket Sales order in Business Central:

To make an order from the Blanket order, you can select the ‘Make Order’ button which then generates a separate sales order document. This transfers the information from the header of the blanket sales order, along with the lines into the new order created so it’s ready for normal processing through to shipping and invoicing.

Considerations when using Orders which have been created from Blanket Orders in Business Central:

  • When an order is created from a blanket order, the order contains all the lines from the blanket order.
  • The quantity on the lines of an order document, must not exceed the quantity of the associated blanket order.
  • Once the total quantity for a line has been created in orders, the user will be limited from creating any more orders for quantities on that particular line.
  • Invoiced blanket orders remain in the system until they are deleted, or, the Deleted Invoice Blanket Orders batch job has been run.
Additional Information & Useful Links

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