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Quotes in Business Central


Quotes can be used for both Sales and Purchasing when recording an offer to communicate to or from an existing or prospective customer/ vendor. They can be used by organisations with different levels of detail depending on your process and how you populate the quote documents: high level, broad quotes as a first enquiry, or detailed, with individual lines included for each item or service quoted.

Quotes in Dynamics 365 Business Central

In Business Central, standard functionality allows you to create quotes for both purchasing and sales, with the option to convert the quotes directly into orders or invoices once the quote has been approved/ accepted. All quotes can be converted to order documents or sent out as quotes via email.

Once a quote has been converted into an order, the quote document is removed from the database, and the purchase order created is based on the information provided in the quotes. The lines on the order which detail the item or service, can be amended once it has been converted from a quote, and the Quote No. field will contain the original quote number the order is derived from.

Sales Quotes in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Example sales quote in Business Central:

Converting a sales quote into a sales order:

Purchase Quotes in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Example purchase quote in Business Central:

Converting a purchase quote into a purchase order:

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