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Contacts can be used in Business Central when you develop external business relationships. Whether the prospective business relation is a person or an organisation, Business Central includes standard functionality which allows you to store detailed information in the system for a contact and eventually, convert the contact record into formal customer, vendor, or bank relationships.

There are two types of contacts which can be created in Business Central:

  • Contacts relating to a Person.
  • Contacts pertaining an Organisation.

For each type of contact, the information held on the record differs, meaning the available fields and actions vary.

How Contacts Work in Dynamics 365 Business Central

In Business Central, the Contacts List page is where you manage interactions with contacts, including the creation of opportunities and sales quotes from contact records.

Contacts can be created in two ways:

  • Manually
  • From a customer, vendor, or bank account

When a contact has been created manually, it is possible to associate this to an existing customer, vendor, employee, or bank account.

Alternatively, you can create an entirely new customer, vendor, employee, or bank account record from the contact.

Other functionality available associated with setting up contacts:

  • Assigning industry groups to a contact to indicate the type of industry the contract belongs to.
  • Assigning mailing groups to a contact to send the same information to all contacts within a particular group.
  • Assigning job responsibilities and organisational levels to a contact to indicate where the contact person is responsible in their organisation.
  • Using predefined defaults on new contacts which allows you to automatically assign a specific language code, county code, salesperson code, and country/region code as defaults to each new contact.
  • Managing duplicate contacts by searching and using the ‘merge duplicate’ action.
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