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Item Replenishment Summary


In this section, you will answer questions about the Item replenishment requirements you have for your system implementation. This includes the replenishment sources and how this is currently managed for inventory. The questions in this section are designed to get you thinking about what is required of Business Central in relation to your business processes and needs.

Item Management Survey Content

This section will cover the following:

Replenishment sources for inventory. There are three types you can use:

  • Purchase
  • Production
  • Assembly

This can be found on an item card in Business Central and specifies the type of supply order created by the planning system:

Lead time Calculation: this refers to the default time it takes to receive an item once it has been purchased. It is used to ensure there is always a minimum timeframe planned for replenishment by purchase and it can be overridden on an individual purchase order document if needed.

Overhead rates, rounding and lot sizes.

Inventory planning, including reordering policy.

Addition Information & Useful Links

For article references and additional information from Microsoft about Item Replenishment, please see the following link:

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